Google search: What is wanderlust?

Hey there fellow wanderlusters,

I’m sure you have googled by now what exactly the term means. Let me help for those of you who haven’t.
Wanderlust: a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.

Makes sense doesn’t it? We have all, at some point or another, had a desire to wander and rove the lands far and wide and enhance our cultural knowledge…or in other words, finding a new place to have a decent night out or two in while being able to recover in the blissful weather and some sights! Simple. Yet hard to choose just one place from the 196 countries worldwide!

But before we try to tackle the problem of where to go…I fancy exploring what makes a person a wanderluster. Here are the suggested 10 signs that you are a wanderluster

1. You value experiences not things
2. Your first question is “where are you from?” not “how are you?”
3. You’ve mastered the art of beating jetlag
4. You know currency conversions without looking them up
5. You can say “hello” and “thank you” in multiple languages
6. You answer ‘where did you get that from?’ with a country instead of a brand name
7. You plan trips months in advance and google everything imaginable
8. You have a countdown calendar until your next adventure
9. You start to hallucinate and see world maps in your food
10. You start most of your stories with “When I was in…”


Now, before you critically analyse each of the following in detail and decide that you are nowhere near anyone that closely resembles a wanderluster…think again! The list is not exclusive to these 10 signs only, to my relief! Yet it does raise some interesting and valid points. Take number 1 for example and think about it based on your own travel experiences.

We have all, at one point, appreciated the everlasting memories made from weekends away and holidays in the sun, with family and friends. Think that covers number 10 straight away, to the annoyance of those who didn’t get to go! As great as clothes and shoes and material things can be, it’s not comparable to that feeling you get when you realise you are down to single digits on the holiday countdown…BLISS! (Number 8 wasn’t it…?)This is especially relevant for most of us, who have recently enough left college and are in a kind of limbo mode of wanting to work and earn money while also fantasising about living a jet-set lifestyle and abiding by YOLO. It’s true right? We have all been there and will probably be there for a while, because let’s face it…why would we want to start a job and be sensible and adult-like at 22 when we can spend every last drop of what’s left over from the weekend jobs on a piss-up in London on a budget, throwing in a brisk shopping trip to Oxford St.! (Covering number 6 on the list off the cuff!)

Number 7 is a typical trait of anyone going away, far or wide, for weeks or even nights. Google is exhausted by the top ten things to do in Edinburgh or cheap hotels in Manchester. Been there, done that. The sense of pride when you can cross off that bus tour on your to-do list, or that new cocktail bar is hard to explain, and yet we have all experienced it! So that means that number 5 may not apply here, yet it’s essential when venturing beyond the convenience of the UK. We all have the odd ‘Bonjour!’ and ‘Gracias’ thrown in somewhere to our everyday vocab. FACT.

Now, I can’t say I have ever imagined seeing the world map in my food…has anyone?! Or, as an Irish person said ‘Where are you from?’ before ‘How are you?’…just not going to happen anytime soon! Might be thinking it, but I’m hardly going to launch right in with that line? Numbers 3 and 4 apply to regular travellers, travelling further afield more so. The jet-lag thing is bad enough once in a lifetime to put you off for another 10 years or so! And I can’t say the currency conversions one really applies too much, but maybe that’s just me!

All that I can say in this first and hopefully one of many blogposts is….you may not think you are one but you more than likely are a wanderluster. As beautiful as the green hills of home are, especially those of West Cork (#biasedasalways)…there’s no denying a trip away somewhere isn’t far from our minds at any given moment. I can say this with confidence as a teacher, eagerly awaiting the last day of the term so I can dash to the airport for a Friday evening flight, travel mug in tow!! Do yourself a favour. Get onto AerLingus or RyanAir websites now. Book a trip away somewhere. Be a wanderluster. You know you want to.

Thanks for reading guys,

Next week’s blogpost is going to be the first of many (eeek!) where I’ll focus on one travel spot, starting with somewhere close to home. Time to get inspired.



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